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Welcome to Storm Legion's FairyTail.
Guild Rules    
  1. No cussing.
  2. No overt sexual language.
  3. Zero tolerance on all racist comments/slurs/innuendoes.
  4. No use or talk of rape/drugs in guild chat.
  5. Be respectful and courteous to other members.
  6. 10 contribution per week.
  7. Level 40+ mains are required to do at least 2 trade runs a day.
  8. When partied with guild members in instances it is mandatory to wait if they have dc'd or have to relog due to getting stuck.
  • Offenders get 3 warnings, after which results in removal from guild. (Only refers to guild chat)
  • No warning when contribution requirement have not been met.
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Event Suggestions

Setxeyna, Aug 10, 11 2:50 AM.
Hey guys, Setxayna aka Roxy here. As Kali has said in her news post below mine. Us leaders would like to know what events you guys would like to have us host. Our poor forums has been empty and void of any suggestions. Do let us know yeah? There's prizes involved after all. Especially when your idea has been picked.


Event Ideas

kcraughan, Jul 20, 11 12:13 AM.
Hi guys, its Kali here.  Us guild leaders would like to know.  What events you are interested in, what would you like to see us do.  So if you would please post us some of your idea's in the forums in the general discussion section.  The Topic will be stickied.  So let the creative juices flow.  And the one with the best idea will have their event used, and they will win 5g.

Have fun guys n gals



Setxeyna, May 31, 11 12:23 AM.
Our website is officially open!!! \o/
Please note that only certain pages are accessible to public. 
Funds: BalanceLog
Type Amount
(for Guild quests and Base quests)
Level of Maturity:
Mandatory requirement:
10 contribution per week
(5 Guild Quests per week)
Other requirements:
Character must be a main.
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